What is an NVDLP?

NVDLP stands for Non-Veterinary Dental Lay Practitioner.

They call themselves “equine dentists” and “equine dental technicians” and several other terms implying that they have a license or formal education. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you visit the web site of the average NVDLP and read the bio, most likely he or she will boast about “experience in the horse industry” or claim to be “second generation horse dentists”. Some even claim to be “world renowned” and “world traveled”.

Very few if any have a college degree, and if they do it is certainly not in equine dentistry, because there is no such degree.

Some claim to have graduated from a “school of equine dentistry”. The topics taught in these “schools” are not regulated and vary widely. No regulatory agency in the world recognizes a certificate from any of these schools. Several are taught by people that have been convicted of practicing veterinary medicine without a license.

In short, NVDLP education has no oversight, and in trusting the dental health of your horse to an NVDLP, you are exposing your horse to unknown risks.