Welcome to Vet Equine Dentistry

This site is provided to clear up some of the confusion experienced by horse owners when the topic of dental care for their horse arises.

Unlicensed “equine dentists” need to be exposed for the con artists that they are, and horse owners need to know the truth.  Non-veterinarian dental lay practitioners (NVDLPs) are not “dentists,” nor will they ever be.

NVDLPs are not licensed and are therefore not regulated by any state or federal agency.  There is no educational requirement whatsoever to become one, so basically anyone can hang out a shingle as an NVDLP.

They fleece horse owners out of their hard-earned money as well as risk the health and well-being of the horse.  Not only are their dental skills inadequate, but many of them provide illegal sedation of the horse as well.

The treatment and management of equine dental conditions requires much more than just a couple of hand floats and a bucket.  The knowledge required to manage equine dental conditions goes far beyond the NVDLPs abilities and education.